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Guidelines on How to Factory Reset IPhone without Losing Your Data

Factory reset is whereby all information are removed from a device by deleting them to sort a problem relating to the phone. Many choose to factory reset if a problem persist and keeps occurring. Factory reset is not appreciated by people as it makes one lose vital information or photos that had a lot of meaning to someone. Fixation is accorded to all phones including IPhones which may start behaving strangely. The information below will give tips on how to factory reset IPhone without losing your data.

Another way to factory reset IPhone without losing your data is learning to soft reset and later factory reset. It can be so frustrating when you lose all your data while factory resetting your IPhone. The most important thing to do first is to soft reset your IPhone so that you do not lose your data. Soft reset helps you figure out problems related to your IPhone and if it doesn’t work one can choose to hard reset and later factory reset.

A person can also back up his or her iPhone data and perform a reset and that will require one to develop an iPhone back up. Once you follow this directions, you will be able to get all your information intact. You do not need to worry if you have an iPhone back up as it will ensure all your documentations are secure. The moment you back up your iPhone, then you know you will immediately have all your photos, messages and contacts back.

What if you forget to back up your iPhone, you don’t have to be horrified as you can find them by exporting them from the media to the text. There are some steps that need to be followed in order to get back all you require. You are recommended to install a disk drill, connect your iPhone and select the device, click recover and then review the file and you can select what you need and click recover to confirm.

It is also vital to use the ICloud storage to factory reset your iPhone. The use of iCloud will help you to store the documents, photos and other materials you need. You are sure to get all your information when you use iCloud and they will definitely be restored once you create a backup. ICloud gives you ways in which to look onto and these are: being certain your iCloud is active by logging into the account, backing the iPhone contents, looking for items to backup and lastly hitting backup button. The above discussion makes you understand ways to factory reset iPhone without losing data.

What No One Knows About

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